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Public Meetings

Three public meetings were conducted at critical points throughout the NAS Pensacola CUS development. The meetings included a mix of presentations and open house style activities that provided information to attendees and obtain their input on the project. A summary of the three meetings is described below.

Meeting #1: Project Initiation

June 13, 2022

The first public open house introduced the community to the CUS planning process, the purpose and function of the CUS, and value of participation; established relationships with residents; and provided an overview of the military operations at NAS Pensacola. The open house included interactive activities to provide input through a community questionnaire and identify compatibility issues and comments on maps.

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Meeting #2: Interim Findings and Preliminary Recommendations

September 22, 2022

The second meeting focused on presenting the compatibility issues and providing an opportunity for community input on compatibility issues and potential recommendations to address them. The meeting included a presentation and interactive exercise to prioritize the importance of compatibility issues.

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Meeting #3: Final Recommendations

March 5, 2023

The third public meeting was conducted during the regularly scheduled Escambia County Planning Board meeting to present the Public Draft JLUS documents and recommendations to the public for review and comment. Comments received from the Public Draft CUS review were evaluated for inclusion in the CUS.   

Open House Attendees